This blog has the mission to present some good AS400 Software Utilities which have been developed to solve common problems and which are distributed freely under GNU Licence.

The Software Utilities have been developed for the IBM iSeries (AS/400) computers in Cobol, RPG and SQL.  They can be used to solve practical problems, but can also be useful as examples to learn the Cobol and RPG languages.

For each Utility, you can download an Ebook with some documentation and an XML file which contains all the source programs and which can be used to install the Utility on your AS/400.

There are also two training Ebooks which can help you to improve your Cobol, RPG and SQL skills. They use some applications as practical examples and are meant to teach people who already have some knowledge of the language how to use it with some real practical applications.

At the top of each XML file you will find is a utilty developed by Craig Rutledge  which allows to install on the AS/400 all remaining programs of the application.

The installation is done as follows:

  • Copy the zip file into some folder of your PC and unzip the XML file
  • Copy the XML file to some directory of the AS/400 where you want too install the programs.This can be done by using FTP or other transfer programs,
  • Copy the XML file into a member of a source physical file called QXMLSRC by using a CPYF command with  FMTOPT(*CVTSRC).
  • Complete the installation by following the instructions provided at the top of the XML file.

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