The normal AS/400 back-up does not save the spool files. However sometimes users prefer to keep important reports for long times and they would not be happy if they were lost because of some system failure.

It would be nice to move these report to some output queue and to regularly save its content. The saved spool files could also be removed from the system, thus increasing the disk space availability.

The utilities described below allow to save and restore the spool files from the selected output queue and therefore increase the security level of the back-ups. They consists of many programs, but only two can be invoked directly by the users as follows:

Program USPSAV1. The program can be called to control the spool file save function.
Program USPRST1. The program can be called to control the restore function.

You can download the AS/400 Spool File Save/Restore Utility from:

==> Utilities Download Page

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