This utility has the purpose to collect and produce Cross Reference information about an application on an IBM iSeries (AS/400) system.

Often applications have a large number of files and programs and it can be quite time consuming to answer question such as:

  • What are the attributes of a file ? (e.g. description, type, access path)
  • Where is a file used ?
  • What are the relationships between files ?
  • Which fields exist in a file ?
  • What are the keys of a file?
  • Which programs are called from a given program ?
  • Which files are used from a program ?

These and many more similar questions can be answered by using AS/400 commands such as DSPFD, DSPFFD, DSPPGMREF etc or by searching in the program sources., but it is surely a time consuming activity that can be often avoided by inquiring a cross reference database.

This utility provides the programs to easily create the application cross reference database and to answer questions such as those detailed above.

The utility consists of two main parts as follows:

  • Management of the cross reference environments. This is achieved by calling the program XENVM1 which allows to create cross reference environments for new applications, to inquiry their definition and to delete them.
  • Inquiries on a selected environment. This is achieved by calling the program XREF01 that allows to select the type of inquiry and calls the appropriate programs to answer it.

The programs have been written in Cobol with embedded SQL.

You can download the AS/400 Application Cross Reference Utility from:

==> AS/400 Cross Reference Utility Download

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