AS400 Developers often have the need to find the filed file description of a file and use it in different application programs.

The traditional way to do that was to direct to an output file the command DSPFFD (Display Field File Description) and then process the results of the command.

However there is better, faster and more efficient way to do it, by using the User Space APIs.

This Utility creates a temporary User Space and calls the User Space API’s to create the FFD of the file in the user space and to navigate the results.

The Utility consists of two main programs called UUFFDR (to create the file field definitions in the user space) and UURDFDR to read the definitions in the User Space.

There are also some secondary programs and data structures which are described in the documentation Ebook.

You can download the AS/400 User Space FFD Utility from:

==> Utilities Download Page

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