Cobol Training by Example.

Cobol courseThis Ebook offers a progressive training on the AS/400  (iSeries/IBM i) CL and COBOL languages. It contains some real life applications which are  used  to investigate the latest ILE options of the language and to develop your programming  skills and which are distributed as shareware.

The course starts with simple programs and then examines more advanced concepts such as subfiles programming, use of message subfiles, use of embedded SQL, development of ILE modules and binding into programs and service programs .

You can see below the index of the Ebook:

  • The OPM and ILE program models
  • The simple Cross Reference Utility
  • The Logical Database Structure
  • Skill No.1 – Database files / Tables creation
  • Skill No.2 – Developing a simple COBOL program
  • Skill No.3 – Developing a general utility CL program
  • Skill No.3 – Developing simple CL utilities
  • Skill No.4 – Developing a subfile application (display)
  • Skill No.4 – Developing a subfile application (program)
  • Skill No.5 – Displaying messages in a message subfile
  • Skill No.6 – Using embedded SQL
  • Skill No.7 – Developing a printing program
  • Skill No.8 – Using page by page subfiles
  • Skill No.9 – Introducing ILE modules, procedures and service programs
  • Skill No.10 – Using Service Programs
  • Skill No.11 – Using ILE modules with a printing program
  • Skill No.12 – Developing a Batch Application
  • The Delimited File Creation Utility and Activation Groups considerations
  • The Utility Control Program and Command
  • The File Field Description Creation Control Program
  • The File Field Description Creation Processing Program
  • The File Field Description Access Module
  • The Delimited File Creation Module
  • More ILE Concepts Summary
  • Bibliography

This book is no longer free, but you can download it for a small price from:

==> Cobol ILE Training Ebook Download



The e-book assumes that you have already some knowledge of Cobol.

If you haven’t I suggest that you start with some book on Cobol

You will find good books on this subject at Amazon. See below: