Some Error Processing routine must be included in any application program and it is useful to use the same approach in all programs.

This Utility provides a standard solution which can be used as a standard framework in the applications.

The Utility tries to achieve following objectives:

  • Obtain as much information as possible about the error condition. For this purpose it has been decided to always dump the failing program.
  • Provide the user with some information and directions about the actions needed to continue and avoid them to receive puzzling system messages.
  • Trap all messages so that they appear on the job log.

The Utility includes:

  • The GRCFAIL CL program which displays an information screen for interactive programs and processes the errors of both interactive and batch programs
  • The Display file for the previous program
  • the MSGCLR CL program used to clear a message queue
  • the MSGSND CL program used to send messages to a message queue

You can download the AS/400 Error Processing Utility from:

==> Utilities Download Page