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IBM iSeries Access from Mobile Phones

iSeries Access from Mobile Phones.

IBM i DatabasePeople who are frequently on the move might like to access their iSeries computer (previously known as AS/400)  remotely from their mobile phone.

This is now possible by  using  IBM i Access for Web (5770XH2) or iSeries Access for Wireless.

These products support the administration of OS/400 and application development for intended wireless devices such as personal digital assistants (PDA) and Internet-enabled phones.


The IBM eServer(TM) iSeries Access for Wireless licensed program is the solution for wireless device connectivity. It allows you to use your wireless device to access and administer your servers. It consists of iSeries Navigator for Wireless and IBM Toolbox for Java(TM) 2 Micro Edition services, which can be used individually or together to provide the access you need. iSeries Access for Wireless includes the following:

  • An OS/400 administrator interface called iSeries Navigator for Wireless, previously called Management Central-Pervasive, is enhanced and consolidated as part of iSeries Navigator.
  • The IBM Toolbox for Java 2 Micro Edition, which is part of IBM Toolbox for Java, is used by developers to rapidly develop Java applications that access iSeries data and resources. This micro edition extends its capabilities to wireless devices. It also includes the Java Database Connection (JDBC) driver to access DB2 UDB for iSeries

IBM i Access for Web include the ability to:


iSeries on the mobile phone

IBM i Access

Connecting to iSeries: iSeries Access for Wireless

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