How to Use Fresh Store Builder to Build Your Amazon Store

Fresh Store Builder.

Fresh Store Builder - The Most Advanced Amazon Affiliate Software
Fresh Store Builder (FSB) is a sophisticated application that can be used to build an Amazon Store in your chosen niche.

Most people today are aware of the variety of goods that can be purchased from Amazon with good prices that often are also heavily discounted.

Amazon guarantees also fast deliveries and give the option to send back the order if you are not satisfied for any reason.

Fresh Store Builder was developed in 2010 and now has reached version 7 moving through a series of continuous improvements and the constant addition of new features.

If you visit the Fresh Store Builder page on Facebook yoy will see many comments such as the following:


  •  I have bought Fresh Store Builder earlier this year (2016) and i can tell that is the best investment I’ve made in my online career (Panayotis Kilaris)
  • Best investment I’ve made. FSB allows you to create not only a full-blow shop, but you can also create content sites from it as well (plus add videos, other affiliate links and the like). Top recommendation from me!  (Barb Ling)


Features of the Fresh Store Builder


The Fresh Store Builder application enables you to easily  create as many Amazon stores as you like in your chosen niches (there is not a single store licence). It targets only Amazon products and cannot be used for other vendors.

The application allows to add easily both Amazon products and your own content. You can add pages, posts and images by using an easy to use editor  and the tool even offers some options for basic SEO (search engine optimization).


They actually suggest not to publish a store containing only products, but to add valuable content to the store so that the user is motivated to visit your store instead of going directly to Amazon.

Fresh store builder is a standalone system. You don’t need anything else to develop your store (except hosting and an Amazon affiliate account of course), but if you prefer to use WordPress, you can use a Fresh Store Booster WordPress plugin that allows you to use all Fresh Store features within a WordPress site.

The dashboard is similar to the control panel of the WordPress admin login and provides the options needed to manage your website.

The documentation of the system is extensive and includes various how to videos tutorials. If you have some special problem you can contact the Helpdesk that usuallly provide fast and clear answers,

For instance I needed them when I notices that many items added to my store were not displayed. It turned out that this was  due to the setting of one of the product parameters that make the store very customisable.

The Fresh Store Builder allows you to use three free templates, but you can buy other ones if you prefer a different look and feel for your store, You are also allowed to build your own templates and sell them in cooperation with FSB,

The control panel allows you to enter many settings such as the Store descriptions, Amazon country (all Amazon countries are supported), Date formats, Categories  and many others.

There are many options that allow you to find products to add to your store or to add individual products. Each product reads the data from the Amazon site and they are kept updated if anything changes (e.g. the price).

The various categories in your website store can be set to auto populate. That means that any new and relevant products are added automatically.

In my opinion one advantage of Fresh Store Builder against some competing applications is that it allows you to choose exactly what you want to appear in your store.

Other features worth mentioning are the following:

  • Shopping Cart
  • 90 days cookie
  • Content re-write by integration with Content Spinner and Spin Rewriter
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Currency conversion
  • Automatic sitemaps
  • Page optimisation
  • Internal page linking
  • Integration with social networks




A Video on Fresh Store Builder

Future Developments

The company is currently testing a new version of the software called FreshStoreInstant which aims to be a truly “1 click” Amazon store builder that should have following features:

  • Creation of a new store in seconds
  • Possibility to register and use your own domains
  • OR use one of the Fresh hosting free subdomains
  • Possibility to change the URL of your store in 1 click
  • Backup and restore of a store in seconds
  • Import of a store from anywhere else
  • Complete control over the hosting account (cPanel access)

They will offer affordable packages so the price per store will be comparable to any good quality hosting (which will not be needed any more)…



I consider Fresh Store Builder a good product that allows a lot of customisation to your stores and allows you to define exactly which products to add to your stores,

However you shouldn’t expect that just publishing a store with good products will insure success.

You’ll need to add some content that attracts visitors and that make them prefer your store to the original Amazon website or to competing stores.



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