Useful Links

Useful Links

Useful LinksWe often find very useful and interesting links on the Internet and you will find a useful list below..

Specialised searches on Software products offered through Clickbank can be found by accessing  the url;


==> CBDealer Searches



If you have general interests in Information Technology, you can find many useful links on the IBM i (AS/400), Linux, Computer Languages, Computer Training and more with the following Link:


==> AS/400 and RPG Programming Resources / Tutorials


==> Computer and Internet Links


Moreover you can find interesting technical reports with the following Link:


==> IT Technical Reports


If you are a developer on an the IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) system you will find many useful free utility applications written in Cobol and RPG with the following link:


==> AS/400 Software Downloads


You can also use Google by entering your search keywords in the Google box below.




We will try to keep the list up to date and we ask you to suggest additional links that might be of general interest.
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