VLC Problems After Upgrading to OpenSuSE Leap

Upgrading to OpenSuSE Leap

opensuse leapI recently upgraded from an OpenSuSE 13.2  32 bit system to an OpenSuSE Leap 42.2 which is a 64 bit system.

Since a direct upgrade from a 32 bit system to a 64 bit system is not supported, I had to follow a special approach which is described in the post Upgrading from OpenSuSE 13.2 to OpenSuSE Leap.

After this upgrade, I found that it was easy to move to the latest version OpenSuSE Leap 42,3 and a few days later I did also this further upgrade, by following the instructions provided by the article How to Upgrade from OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 to 42.3.

At the end of this process I was pretty happy because everything seemed to work and I noticed also some performance improvements.

However, when I tried to access some mp4 files with VLC, I found that they could not be played because I received an error that the video encoding h264 was not supported and also VLC could not decode the format “mp4a” (MPEG AAC Audio).

The VLC Video Encoding Error

VLCBy searching the web I found an interesting thread on this problem at the following url https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/481503-VLC-no-longer-plays-video-with-h264-encoding.

The main advice in the thread was to uninstall vlc and install again from the Packman repository.

Actually, due to software patents and licences, openSUSE, like many Linux distributions, doesn’t offer many applications, codecs, and drivers through official repositories (repos). Instead, these are made available through 3rd party or community repos such as Packman,

I added the Packman Repository by using the Software Repositories option of Yast. You just choose the Add option and then select the Community Repositories option.

Then I decided to uninstall VLC by using a zypper command as follows:

sudo zypper rm vlc

Then I re-installed VLC by using zypper with the following commands:

zypper dup --from packman
zypper in vlc-codecs

Notice that Packman had a special packge vlc-codecs that does not exist in the original OpenSUSE list


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VLC encoding problems

Repository for Video codecs













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